22.3.2017 klo 16:00 - 18:00

Tapahtumapaikka: Tredea Oy, conference center Pellava

What is Talents for Growth program in Kasvu Open?

In Tampere, as a talent you can have a unique opportunity to meet growth-seeking companies and get to pitch your own know-how; generate smart solutions and growth ideas to maximize the companies’ growth potential.

You first have to apply and be selected for the program. As a succesfully selected talent, throughout several weeks – and most intensively through 12.4.2017 – 19.5.2017 – you will take part in a dynamic co-creative process and attend Kasvu Open Runway to Growth workshops, where you will unfold and share your know-how through which companies may amplify their growth potential and become more aware of the expertise that they need for further growth. In paralell, by cooperating to solve their challenges, you may even build up your own future cooperation or work possibilities along with these growth-seeking companies.

In addition to the valuable face-to-face time with company key persons and excellent networking opportunities, all participants will get diplomas, as well as tickets to the second day of the Carnival of Growth – a huge event where different national branches of Kasvu Open come together to celebrate the best co-creative outcomes of the latest season.

The first meeting will be the Talents for Growth info session on 22.3.2017. The attendance to this info session requires a separate registration (the application for the program itself shall be fulfilled through another online form). You can either apply for the whole program beforehand, or simply come to the info session and later consider whether you would like to fully get on board this whole co-creative process!

To register for the Talents for Growth info session (deadline 20.3.2017):

To apply for the Talents for Growth program (deadline 31.3.2017):

The good news is that whether you get selected or not for the program itself, all applicants are welcome to the Growth Workshop at the end of the program by May – where there will be inspiring keynote speakers, and it is meant to be a singular occasion to mingle with the briskest people in the Tampere region!

Talents for Growth program is organised as part of Kasvu Open Pirkanmaa by

Kasvun Roihu Oy www.kasvuopen.fi

Tredea Oy /Talent Tampere  http://www.talenttampere.fi

City of Tampere / Näyttämöt ja kasvunpajat ESF project www.kasvunpajat.fi


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